A Brief History: 

The history of our school dates back to before independence when the Hindu fraternity decided to open a preschool in East Upanga for the betterment of society. In the 1980s, the preschool was moved to the City Centre on Bibi Titi Street and became formally known as the Upanga Nursery School. The preschool has survived the many changes our country has seen and has become one of the most popular and trusted schools for shaping young minds.


After seeing the impact the preschool had, the Hindu community decided to introduce a primary school to extend educational services for children leaving the nursery school. The Primary school had its humble beginning with 100 students at The Upanga Nursery School campus. As the primary school grew, efforts were made to expand. By the year 2000, the school was officially established at the newly built Kijitonyama/Makumbusho campus. Since then, Shree Hindu Mandal Primary School has been educating children in facilities that rival top schools in the country.


Following the success of the primary school, decisions were made in 2002 to expand further and create a secondary school. Whilst a new, modern building was being set up, secondary school classes began at the primary school building. In 2005, the secondary school began its operations at the new block, marking a huge achievement for the Hindu community in delivering exceptional education from nursery to secondary level. In 2011, a branch of the Nursery school was inaugurated at the Kijitonyama campus. Over the years, Shree Hindu Mandal schools have united the community through education, and continue to provide high quality education to students of all backgrounds.