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The school has a well-integrated curriculum. We aim at providing opportunities for children to learn most effectively and develop love and interest for learning. Our curriculum focuses on the cognitive development of the child by developing their imagination and curiosity, logic perception, problem solving skills and general knowledge.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Children are supported in the formation of good relationships, social behavior, self-discipline and good morals. Our teachers are constantly reinforcing these skills and also aim at increasing each child’s level of independence.


Communication, Language and Literacy Skills:

Children are encouraged to use English as the medium of communication at school. This is emphasized by giving children opportunities to express themselves freely as they participate in group discussions, ask and answer questions and respond to instructions.

English is taught in classes using the Phonics approach as it facilitates reading and comprehension skills. The school uses the Letterland International Phonics Program (Cambridge, England).

The school library provides a rich source of enjoyment through regular sharing of books and stories as children are allowed to borrow books on a weekly basis. Library sessions also enhance their early reading and listening skills.


Mathematical Development:

Children are encouraged to learn and understand basic mathematical concepts which encompass Shapes and Pattern work, Measurement, Pairing and Matching, Sorting and Numeracy skills.



Various topics in science are taught using a Thematic Approach. Themes are explored using a variety of styles like Project work, Field trips, Experiments, Nature walks, Art and craft and Activity sheets.


Physical Education:

Is an integral part of the curriculum to help the growth and development of gross motor skills, body coordination, balance, agility and strength. Children take part in a wide range of activities planned by the Sports Teacher.

Swimming sessions also provide an abundance of physical exercise and great fun for children. The Swimming instructor ensures children overcome any fears and develop basic swimming techniques.


Computer Lessons:

Computer lessons enhance the curriculum and give the children other dimensions to their learning. These weekly lessons also help expose the children to the world of IT as they learn basics concepts.



 The school campus includes a child sized swimming pool, a spacious and well equipped playground, library and computer room. 



 We plan and hold a variety of programs for children such as Sports Day, Swimming Gala, Class Assemblies and Annual Program.


Shree Hindu Mandal Secondary is registered with the Ministry of Education and Vocational studies with registration number 3570. We offer the National curriculum for Ordinary Levels and cater for all students who have completed grade 7, or meet the admission criteria as set by the school.


The school accommodates all directives of the Ministry of Education and Vocational studies under the National Examinations Council of Tanzania – NECTA, and Tanzania Institute of Education – TIE. In addition, we are also registered with Tanzania Heads of Secondary Schools Association – TAHOSSA for Mock examinations from Form 2 to Form 4, as well as for Pre – Nationals joint examinations of three districts – Kinondoni, Bagamoyo and Kibaha, for the same candidate classes.  


Our school is also one of the centers of NECTA examinations in Dar es Salaam that facilitates private candidates who intend to appear for these exams. We offer additional coaching and extra classes for the external students to prepare them for these exams.


The subjects offered at secondary level are:

  • English language

  • Kiswahili

  • Basic Mathematics

  • History 

  • Geography 

  • Civics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Book-keeping

  • Commerce

  • Computer studies



  • large, spacious and well ventilated classrooms

  • a well-stocked library

  • computer room

  • assembly area

  • sports area

  • conference room

  • three fully equipped laboratories for the sciences

  • indoor games room



We offer well planned co-curricular activities for our students. In addition to sports and indoor games, we also run the following clubs:

  • English 

  • Mathematics club

  • Science club

  • Kiswahili club

  • Debate club

  • Performing Arts club

  • Home science club

  • Environment club​


Our thoughtfully designed academic program is based on the Tanzanian National Curriculum. It is subject to inspection and guidance by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The students are prepared to sit for the national examinations held for Class 4 and Class 7. The curriculum is enhanced with hands on activities as well as the use of technology to make learning more enriching and meaningful. We adopt a combined approach of face-to-face and online teaching to deliver the academic content. 


The subjects offered are:

  • English

  • Kiswahili

  • Mathematics

  • Healthcare and Environment

  • General knowledge

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • History 

  • Civics

  • Geography

  • Entrepreneur Studies

  • Vocational Studies


A generous amount of school time is allocated to nurture each student’s talents. Drawing, Art and Craft, and Music help enhance intellectual, socio-emotional, and cultural values development. It also helps students to write and think creatively, hone analytic skills, and conceptualize ideas. At our schools we also encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Regular Physical Education classes and sports develop a sportsmanship spirit in our students, and make active recreation a lifelong habit. Another important skill we inculcate in our school is reading, through specially assigned periods in the schedule. Additionally, computer knowledge is an indispensable skill for 21st century students, and is practiced vigorously in our schools.


  • large spacious and well ventilated classrooms

  • computer room

  • library

  • toddlers playground

  • sports area

  • assembly area

  • art & craft room

  • music room

  • science room

  • home science room

  • first aid room.



The school has clubs for co-curricular activities and children have the freedom to choose up to three activities of their interest. The clubs cover a range of different areas to help children develop talent in other fields. The following clubs are offered:

  • Advanced English

  • Advanced Kiswahili

  • Advanced Mathematics

  • Social sciences

  • Home science

  • Environmental studies

  • Drama

  • Dance

  • Sports

  • Swimming


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