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Marriage Reconciliation Service

This service is exclusively for Hindu fraternity in Dar es salaam. Members are advised to go through the guidelines before filling the application form.


     Kindly read carefully and duly comply

  1. Aggrieved person to fill an application form (see below) [Request For Marriage Reconciliation] attach the requested documents and send to the Secretariat’s Office of Shree Hindu Mandal - Nyanza Street, Dar es  salaam. Email:

  2. The application form must have the following supporting documents [1]  Identification proof of Applicant [2] Residence proof if applicant is Non Tanzanian [3] Marriage certificate [4] Letter from applicant’s community briefing on the attempted mediation process including minutes of the meetings OR Letter from family/community elders briefing on the attempted mediation process including minutes of the meetings [5] Written statement of the aggrieved spouse.

  3. Upon receiving the application form, SHM Welfare Board shall        constitute an Ad-hoc Committee whose members shall be: [1] SHM [2] Member’s community SHM Welfare Board [3] Elders

  4. The Ad-hoc Committee shall fix a date for hearing and will invite both the parties jointly and or individually who may be accompanied by family and friends as witness.

  5. The Ad-hoc commi t tee will issue S ta temen t o f Reconciliation and will not be binding to any party.

  6. The Ad-hoc committee may have more than 1 meeting with individuals and in group depending on the circumstances and        sensitivity of the case.

SHM Welfare Board, Marriage Reconciliation - Dec 2019

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