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  1. Needy person to fill the application form [Request for Financial Assistance] attach the requested documents and send to the General Manager’s Office of Shree Hindu Mandal, Nyanza Street, Dar Es Salaam.

  2. The application form must have the supporting documents as per check list provided in the form. The applicant may submit additional documents that are relevant to the application.

  3. Upon receiving the application form, Welfare Board shall scrutinize the application, perform due diligence and if passed eligibility test, shall receive financial assistance for 06 months and be subject for review after that.

  4. The Applicant has to apply every year for Financial Assistance and undergo the eligibility test. Financial Assistance is granted based on availability of resources of SHM.

  5. The Welfare Board may conduct more than one interview of the applicant and request for more information or supporting documents to facilitate the application.

  6. Submission of Financial Assistance Application Form does not guarantee grant of assistance

This service is exclusively for Hindu fraternity in Dar es salaam. Members are advised to go through the guidelines before filling the application form.

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