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Formalized in August 2023, our Research & Training subsidiary is a dedicated hub for innovation, where our  SHM subsidiaries, employees, teams, and experts, external partners, can harness their creativity, knowledge, and curiosity to explore new frontiers in their respective fields.

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In The Lab
In The Lab


To become a reputable center of excellence for discovery research and training to address the challenges of chronic diseases in the country.


To provide the highest standards of medical training and undertake high-quality research services to improve the quality of treatment to the community in the country.


Deepening our impact, accelerating discoveries, and fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals and organizations within the research community.

Lab Experiment

1. Promoting Research & Medical Training excellence: We aim to provide our employees with the resources, guidance, and infrastructure to engage in high-quality research endeavours, and to develop innovative, interdisciplinary training programs for diverse medical cadres and facilitate learning platforms such as round table discussions with expertise on key health topics.

2. Addressing Challenges in the Healthcare and Education Sector: By conducting research projects within our organization, we have the unique opportunity to address specific challenges and opportunities that are directly relevant to the operations in the healthcare and education sector. This ensures our solutions are tailor-made and effective.


3. Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: R&T will serve as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling our experts to pool their knowledge and work together on innovative projects that have the potential to drive our industry forward.

4. Influence Healthcare Policies. To engage in policy advocacy using research findings to involve and influence policymakers for impactful healthcare policies.

5. Enhance Medical Research. To initiate collaborative research initiatives focusing on critical healthcare areas including Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Emergency Medicine to identify gaps and best practices to enhance health service responses ensuring a better quality of care and improved patient outcomes.


Online Medical Consultant

Research Programs

These programs aim to encourage, support, and empower research and research-related activities of our employees and experts. We collaborate with local and international experts, and our staff and subsidiaries in conducting a wide range of innovative research projects for academic and other purposes.


Interested in conducting research?

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​Students Program

This program offers a unique opportunity for young minds (high school and college students) to get first-hand insights, inspiration, and mentorship to facilitate informed decisions on their future medical careers.

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Our program is designed to bridge the gap between ambition and experience, offering a unique opportunity for skilled individuals to contribute their expertise while further honing their abilities.

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Internship Programs

R&T provides internship programs under expert guidance to both government and private interns who are recently qualified for medical and paramedical professions within any SHM subsidiaries.

Recent Publications from SHM:

1. Metformin for the prevention of diabetes among people with HIV and either impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance (prediabetes) in Tanzania: a Phase II randomised placebo-controlled trial. 
[Anupam Garrib· Sokoine Kivuyo · Katie Bates · Kaushik Ramaiya  · Duolao Wang  · Edna Majaliwa  · Rehema Simbauranga  · Godbless Charles  · Erik van Widenfelt  · Huanyan Luo  · Uazman Alam · Mofat J. Nyirenda · Shabbar Jafar  · Sayoki Mfnanga· on behalf of the META trial team (2023).]

2. Implementing Innovative Approaches to Improve Health Care Delivery Systems for Integrating Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases Using Tuberculosis and Diabetes as a Model in Tanzania.
[Mpagama, S.G.; Byashalira, K.C.; Chamba, N.G.; Heysell, S.K.; Alimohamed, M.Z.; Shayo, P.J.; Kalolo, A.; Chongolo, A.M.; Gitige, C.G.; Mmbaga, B.T.; Nyanda E. Ntinginya , Jan-Willem C. Alffenaar, Ib C. Bygbjerg , Troels Lillebaek , Dirk L. Christensen and Kaushik L. Ramaiya. (2023)]

3. Massive spontaneous subdural hemorrhage mimicking dural venous thrombosis in a sickle cell adolescent, a rare case report.
[Hilary Chipongo, Abizer Sarkar, Kenan Bosco, Esmail Sangey. (2024)]

Our Research & Training subsidiary continues to collaborate on pioneering research projects with international organizations, reinforcing our commitment to advancing healthcare on a global scale.


Meet your Facilitators


Prof Kaushik Ramaiya

RnT Convener


Dr Magreth Mbena

Program Officer

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Kinari Swali

Administration Officer

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