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Training Programs

In The Lab
Biology Class

Students Program

This program offers a unique opportunity for young minds (high school and college students) to get first-hand insights, inspiration, and mentorship to facilitate informed decisions on their future medical careers. We provide opportunities to both local and international individuals and organizations.

Fee structure:
Local students - TZS. 50,000
International students

  • TZS. 700,000 [individuals]

  • TZS. 850,000 [institutions]

In The Lab


Our program is designed to bridge the gap between ambition and experience, offering a unique opportunity for skilled individuals to contribute their expertise while further honing their abilities.

Through mentorship and collaboration, we invite professionals to not only give back to their communities but also to invest in their own growth at SHM and serve the Hindu fraternity.​

SHM has always encouraged individuals to embark on a journey of service, where their contributions don't just make a difference in the lives of others but also in their own, enriching their resume and broadening their horizons in the process.

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Internship Programs

R&T provides internship programs under expert guidance to both government and private interns who are recently qualified for medical and paramedical professions within Shree Hindu Mandal hospital.

There are 2 categories of interns:

a.  Government interns

These interns are brought to SHM by government institutions such as the Tanzania Nursing & Midwifery Council (TNMC) and Pharmacy Council.


b. Private interns

This includes any graduate who wishes to develop his/her practical skills in any of the SHM subsidiaries.

Fee structure


  • Diploma – TZS. 50,000

  • Degree – TZS. 200,000

  • Masters – TZS. 300,000

  • PhD – TZS. 500,000


  • Individuals – TZS. 700,000

  • Institutions – TZS. 850,000

 Interested in our training programs?

All individuals who successfully complete our internship, volunteering, or shadowing program are awarded a certificate of completion.

Send us an email at for registration and any further inquiries.

Meet your Facilitators


Prof Kaushik Ramaiya

RnT Convener


Dr Magreth Mbena

Program Officer

kinari picture_edited.jpg

Kinari Swali

Administration Officer

Medical Specialists

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